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In 1978 I boarded a plane to New Zealand for a 6 week surfing sojourn from Uni. Between then and now I’ve accumulated 80-ish countries and whilst having surfed in quite a few of those, the interim has taught me that this onion is a deal more than a life support system for waves.

The surf board still accompanies the passport occasionally but more often than not these days the major accessories are a camera, iPad, notebook and wife.

For generic travel anecdotes and tips for the more ‘mature’ wanderer click into Grey Packer.

For those ageing surf nomads now required to place the Zimmer frame in the oversized baggage section along with their boards, check out Grey Waves.

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Mushroom Rock, Valle de la Luna.

More images at www.colvinyeates.zenfolio.com

“The landscapes you are now standing amongst date back some 39 million years.”

“Boy, they are well preserved. They don’t look a day over 29 million.”

For 3 days, this genre of buoyant swordplay rebounded between we 2 Aussies, 5 domestic Argentine tourists and our guide Mario. From inside the cosy confines of Mario’s “past its prime” 4×4, cross cultural enlightenment reigned through the types of conversation that justify the reasons we travel. Continue reading

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