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In 1978 I boarded a plane to New Zealand for a 6 week surfing sojourn from Uni. Between then and now I’ve accumulated 80-ish countries and whilst having surfed in quite a few of those, the interim has taught me that this onion is a deal more than a life support system for waves.

The surf board still accompanies the passport occasionally but more often than not these days the major accessories are a camera, iPad, notebook and wife.

For generic travel anecdotes and tips for the more ‘mature’ wanderer click into Grey Packer.

For those ageing surf nomads now required to place the Zimmer frame in the oversized baggage section along with their boards, check out Grey Waves.

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Where In The World Would We Be Without Humour


Church of Spilt Blood

St Petersburg, Russia, More Images at www.colvinyeates.zenfolio.com

Good question. Where WOULD we be without humour? My tip is Russia. Putinland is near enough to the final European pariah enforcing visa restrictions on most foreign nationals. It’s like a Soviet hangover, as if they still have the shivers from the Cold War and maintain a 1000 yard stare across the border to those Western capitalist dissidents. Neither is getting your hands on a visa a walk in the park. The final frontier for continental red tape needs to be first negotiated and you will require a spare 400 or so dollars in your back pocket. The cash we could come up with but finding a month in one spot near a Russian embassy when you are on the move is another matter. Continue reading

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