3 Great Places To Visit In Venice

There is no doubt that Venice is one special city, one unlike any other in the world. But what is it that really makes Venice so special? Maybe it’s because the city is surrounded by water, at least that’s what most people will tell you, but it goes further than that. A place where the sea meets buildings, people, land, and of course the sky, is something unique that’s hard to really find elsewhere. And then of course there’s all the great places to visit, its history, the ambiance, the people and lest not forget the food and wine.

Here are the 3 best things to see and do in Venice if you’re visiting there for the first time.

1. Piazza San Marco is filled with historic attractions

The Piazza San Marco was at one time referred to by the great Napoleon as Europe’s drawing room, and that definition really stands out and sinks in when you find yourself in the middle of the piazza. On one hand, you can visit the Basilica di San Marco, a testament of the Italo-Byzantine architecture and the most important cathedral in Venice, its imposing size a symbol of Venetian wealth and power.

Next up is Palazzo Ducale, a venetian-gothic style building where the Doge of Venice used to reside back in the day. It is now a museum which you can visit from 8:30am to 7pm and we strongly recommend not skipping this tour, the Doge’s apartments and institutional chambers are a must see.

Last but not least, Torre dell’Orologio is a a famous clock tower built at the end of the 15th century, a renaissance building that survived the test of time and still commands its might on the Piazza.


2. Take A Ride In A Gondola

You can’t go to Venice without riding the Gondola down a fairytale waterway, but you have to make sure you check the recommended routes and schedules as to avoid too much traffic. After all, Venice has narrow streets and canals, and it’s easy to get cramped up. To make sure you have the edge, be sure to check the Istituzione per la conservazione della gondola website which you can find here:


There you’ll find itineraries, hours, prices and everything you need to know to have the perfect Gondola ride you’ll never forget.


3. Go On An Amazing Wine Tour

The food in Venice is great, and obviously so is the wine, from ombra  - a small glass of white or red wine – to a spritz – which is an appetizer of white wine combined with Campari and just an ounce of fresh water. Of course there’s also prosecco, a specific white wine made in the hills of the region which has a bubbly texture, but probably the biggest draw if you’re a wine enthusiast and want to try out the best that Venice has to offer, is a tour of the ‘secret’ wine cellars. Learn about local cicchetti dishes, try delicious local wines, and learn about the city’s history while enjoying great company in a tyical Italian atmosphere.

These are just some of the things you need to see while in Venice, a plce to start if you will. We thoroughly enjoyed our many trips to this great Italian city and can tell you that its uniqueness is unparalleled, so you'll surely have a great time!