Seoul, The City Of The Future

Seoul, the Capital of South Korea is one huge metropolis that has been labeled by tourists in Asia and all over the globe as their #1 favorite City they love to visit. Not London? Not Paris? Not New York City? Nope, and this shouldn’t surprise you at all, and we’re going to show you exactly why.

A city filled with historical landmarks, exquisite dining, enticing shopping, amazing sightseeing, vivacious nightlife, Seoul really has it all! Here are 5 reasons Seoul should be your #1 destination as well!

1. The Greatest Airport In The World

Why should you care about the airport you ask? Why because Incheon International Airport has been ranked as the best Airport in the world for 6 years in a row ( and counting ). It offers state of the art facilities, world class restaurants, an amazing museum on Korean history to get you started on learning about the city right from the get go. If all of this isn’t convincing enough to you yet, they also have a golf course, casino and spa for you to enjoy! You might not even want to leave the airport, it’s that awesome!

2. Most Amazing Food You’ll Ever Eat

This is a bold statement, but Seoul will deliver. Let’s just start by saying that in Seoul a normal meal comes with an average of 7 side dishes. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Oh and free refills, you’ve read that correctly as well. And yea, they’re extremely delicious! Bibimbap, Galbi, green Tiramisu or Haejangguk are just a few of the dishes you absolutely need to try in Seoul, and while you’re relaxing at their restaurants and enjoying the best dishes in the world, you’ll also enjoy the heated floors.

3. Seoul’s Great Outdoors

It’s time to go outside for more of what this great city has to offer. Don’t forget your hiking boots, as Seoul is surrounded by beautiful mountains, gardens, parks, waterfalls and so on. Visit Bukhansan National Park, the Songchu Waterfall, Han River, Seonyudo Park, and enjoy some of the most picturesque sightseeing anywhere.

4. Gyeongnidan craft beers

You’ve eaten well, saw amazing locations, now it’s time to enjoy some local craft beers to really take the edge off, and the best place to do that is Gyeongnidan village. Beer here is unlike any other because it is the complete opposite of regular mass produced beers you’ve drank all your life. This is a specific recipe that is so special you’ll want to never drink regular beer again. The best spots would be Magpie Brewing Co. and The Booth for you to truly enjoy this type of beer.

5. The Mecca of art exhibitions

Seoul has become a favorite place for some of the biggest artists around the world to come and present their artistic creations. Local artists are also making a name for themselves with extremely creative art of all kinds, so even if you aren’t an art enthusiast, there will be something for you to see and appreciate and one of the multiple art galleries taking place all over Seoul. You’ll find some buildings house more than 18 art galleries in one place, it’s really that stacked in fine displays of art!

By now, you should be convinced or at least intrigued about what Seoul has to offer. If you’ve never been in that part of the world, do yourself a favor and make Seoul a priority visit, you won’t regret it!